IIE Pant Nagar


Name of Industrial Estate
Integrated Industrial Estate, Pantnagar
Located at National Highway no. NH-87. 235 Km from National Capital Delhi. 300 Km from State Capital Dehradun.
Total Area
3339 Acres
Nearest Rail Yard: 10 Kms Nearest National Highway: Situated on National Highway NH-87 Nearest Domestic Airport: Pantnagar Nearest International Airport: Delhi 235 Kms
Water Supply
Tube Wells: 2 No . Under Ground Storage Tank: 1 No. Over Head Tank: 1 No.
Power Supply
Electric Sub Stations 220 KV (1 No.) 33 KV (4 No.) 11 KV (as required)
Financial Incentives
100% Central Excise exemption for 10 years 100% Income Tax exemption for first 5 years and 30 % for next 5 Years CST @1% for 5 years Capital Investment Subsidy @15% with a max. of Rs 30 Lakhs
Proposed Industries
Cosmetics & Allied Plastic & Allied Apparel & Allied Agro Food & Allied Pharma Products Electrical, Electronics & Allied Furniture Hub Institutional, Commercial & Allied
Present Status
Allotment Complete